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Monthly Health Advice

From the end of February residents can enjoy free Community Health Days at the Community Hub, 163 Park Lane.

The Community Health Days will run from noon to 4pm on the last Thursday of every month and will offer free help, advice and information on health matters. You will also have the chance to meet Well London Champions, get a health check and discuss how to improve your body and mind.

The first Community Health Day takes place on Thursday, February 25 and everyone is welcome to attend.

Free Health Checks

Why should I have a health check?
Even though you might be feeling good, if you’re aged over 40 you might be at risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease or dementia. A NHS Health Check is a screening programme that helps you reduce these risks and make sure you stay healthy. This free service is offered to residents aged 40-74.

Why are health checks important in our area?
The main risk factors that impact on healthy life and result in early death are: smoking, alcohol use, high blood pressure/cholesterol, being physically inactive and having a poor diet. All of these are more prevalent in our area, which has some of the highest levels of cardiovascular disease. Health improvement programmes are mainly focused on the east of the borough so that together we can reduce health inequalities by reducing risk factors and behaviours.

What happens at the check?
The check will take about 20-30 minutes. You’ll be asked some simple questions about your family history and choices which may put your health at risk. We’ll record your height, weight, age, sex and ethnicity and check your blood pressure and cholesterol. Once we have the results, we’ll then discuss how you can stay healthy and reduce the risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and stroke.

Where can I have a check?
Tottenham Hotspur Foundation offers free community health checks involving a ‘Spurs Nurse’ targeting, in particular, men aged 40-74 who are reluctant users of GP services.

If you are organising a community event in North Tottenham and would like the Spurs Nurse to attend, contact Katrina Heal at 07770 929 925

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Breathe Better Together

The newly launched London-wide Breathe Better Together campaign aims to raise general awareness about air quality, encourage walking/cycling/taking cleaner routes and also generate sign-ups to airTEXT so more people are alerted when high pollution events are forecast.

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Tottenham Active

This three-year programme is aimed at increasing numbers of people accessing sport and physical activity in our area. The programme will offer a range of entry-level sport and physical activity opportunities to residents in a number of different venues in and around the area.

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Be a Local Health Champion

Health Champions are local people who are trained and supported to promote healthy living in the community. They are effective in reaching North Tottenham residents and make a real difference locally. The Health Champion role involves motivating and empowering people to adopt positive lifestyle changes such as sensible drinking, health eating, being regularly active and stopping smoking. They also raise awareness about diabetes and cancer prevention and where appropriate signpost choices to local health services such as the Health Trainer and mental health services.

No formal qualifications are required to become a Haringey Health Champion, but a good local knowledge of the area would be beneficial. If you are interested, call 020 8379 5844 or email

The Health Trainer Service is available for adults aged 18 and over. For more details call 020 8379 5269 or go to

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Well London

The Well London programme provides a new way for residents and local organisations to work together to improve health and wellbeing in their community.

We are seeking volunteers from across North Tottenham to help with these goals and all volunteers will receive full training and be accredited by The Royal Society of Public Health.

To find out more, visit the Well London website or contact the Haringey Well London co-ordinator: or 07773 957 965.

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Men’s Health in North Tottenham

Man MOT is a Men’s Health Forum programme, funded by the Department of Health, working in partnership with Haringey Council and the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation.

It’s a free, confidential and personalised online health information and support service through which men can chat directly to a GP about any health problem via a mobile phone, computer or tablet. No appointment is necessary.

Man MOT surgery hours are: Mondays to Thursdays (7pm-10pm) when you can live chat with a GP on all topics. There is also a Wednesday Workshop (7pm-10pm) when you can live chat with experts and there’s a new topic each month.

For more information, contact:

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Free exercise at Coombes Croft Library

As part of Embrace UK’s Health and Wellbeing Programme, free physical classes with expert trainers are being offered in:

  • Tai Chi: Tuesdays (11.30am-12.30pm)
  • Exercises set to Music: Thursdays (11.30am-12.30pm).

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Free meningitis vaccine

Young people are eligible for a free NHS vaccine that protects against four types of meningitis. Find out more here:

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Public Health in Haringey

Haringey Council offers a number of programmes offering support and advice including:

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NHS Choices